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Akshata Rakshe, the crowning diva of Taj Miss India 2023

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: Akshata Rakshe was announced the winner of Taj Miss India 2023 at the grand finale of Taj Miss & Mrs India 2023. The ceremony that was held at Hotel Sadanand Regency in Balewadi, Pune; ‘Mumbaikar’ Akshata Rakshe was crowned the winner while Natasha Sadaphal was announced as the first runner-up and Isha won the title of Taj Miss India 2023 second runner-up.

The winner was selected from top 40 finalists. Eminent personalities from different professions were part of the jury panel for the competition including television actor Dhanashri Bhalekar, actor-writer-director Chetan Chavada, Miss India 2018 Pia Roy and The Dental Hub’s Dr. Sagar Abichandani.

Akshata conquered the stage and won hearts with her charm, endurance and beauty. From a very young age, Akshata had a range of diverse interests that included reading, music and dreamy skies. Growing up with a reserved nature, she completed her Masters in Science from MGM University, Navi Mumbai. “The pandemic-imposed lockdown impacted me badly. My self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low. I began under-rating myself. And with the ushering of the new year, I resolved to bounce back and the first step was to push myself from being fat to getting fit. In this journey, I lost a good 13 kgs and that became the turning point in my life. This beauty pageant opportunity came to me and I decided to give it my best,” said Akshata.

She feels that the core of beauty is simplicity and now she has set out on her journey to inspire others. A girl who firmly believes in her motto – ‘Gratitude is the best attitude’ definitely deserves every bit of this success.

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