Bonding well with your in-laws

Expert View: Surbhi Agarwal (mum_in_vogue)

Looking at relationships from expert perspective on how to maintain harmonious bonds…

Being facilitated as Best Lifestyle Digital Creator 2022, Surbhi Agarwal is a name synonymous with style and fashion. With her uplifting and inspiring attitude, she is not only empowering women entrepreneurs by supporting and promoting small brands/startups. She is a Captain’s wife, a mother, a daughter and a daughter-in-law. She manages to maintain her relationships with grace and is inspiring a lot of women and mothers to do the same. She is taking Instagram by storm with her styling and family posts, giving altogether a different point of view to moms.

Being an atypical blogger, she inspires fellow moms to be independent, work without guilt and looking after themselves. A happy mom raises a happier child. Here are few excerpts from an exclusive interaction with her over how she manages her relationships so well.

Your husband is a Captain and is usually away at work for months at stretch, who is your support during this time?

My husband has been my biggest support from Day one. Whether he is here or travelling for work, not even a single day passes that he wouldn’t be concerned for us. He is a total hands on dad and husband. He is my strongest pillar that lets me lean on without me even knowing it. While he is sailing, my mother-in-law would keep a close check on my emotional health. Never have I ever felt lonely with her being by my side. My father-in-law is like my own dad who would share things with me and listen to me deeply.

What kind of bond do you share with your mother-in-law?

She and I, we both share a lot. The best trait of hers that I adore is, she would lend me her listening ear without letting me feel if I am being judged. I have always shared all my woes with her and sought her advice. Both of us being shopaholics, we would go out shopping and she would always want me to style her for all trips and family functions.

Are your in-laws happy with this unusual profession you chose?

They are in-fact elated to see me touching new heights every day. My father-in-law would proudly tell everyone about my profession and that he is proud of who I am becoming. He would sing praises about my long working hours and my looks. My mother-in-law would bless me every time I tell her about any achievement of mine and would get nervous when I am overwhelmed with work. She would make sure I am eating well and sleeping in time. She has always trusted me and never questioned my choices. When a woman is working with such beautiful thoughts, it is really a sham to pull them down and my mother-in-law always stood by me.

My only tip for fellow moms,

“Love yourself deeply, rest all will fall into place.”

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