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Debanjana Ghatak – An ordinary girl with big dreams

Debanjana is an ordinary girl with big dreams in her heart. She is an ardent lover of animals, Literature, music, photography, Nature and a strong believer of God. She loves to dream and enjoys dwelling in her fairytale land. She enjoys the tiny rays of happiness hidden in the smallest moments of life. She calls herself a believer and a dreamer. Professionally she is an English and Soft Skills faculty and has a great rapport with all of her students. She has already worked on 150+ anthologies as one of the co-authors. Debanjana also has a solo book, ‘Let’s Sing a Love Song’ published in 2017. Her second solo book ‘ Coffee, Music and You’ is going to launch very soon. She has won multiple awards for her writing skills, photography and painting respectively. You can follow her at Instagram: @dgwrites_

Read a content by her titled “Life without Love is Life without Aim”

Love and life are like two pearls attached with one another with the help of a string. Both have the same creator i.e. God. It is God who has breathed life into us and it is the same God who has blessed us with love. Now love doesn’t only mean the amorous love that a man feels for a woman or visa versa. Love also means the good and compassionate feeling for the person next to us. It is not necessary to be a person always. We can feel love for the pets, strays, wild animals, someone dead or for inert things as well.  Yes, we all do. We still love the toy car with which we spent maximum time in our childhood days or the doll which we wished to carry everywhere we went. Now what about books? We love them and spend quality time with them by reading and re-reading every word. If any loved one dies will our love also die for them as soon as we bury his/her body? No, it doesn’t. Love remains the same. Thus, we not only feel love for living beings but also for non living things and also for departed souls.

Life is the time span assigned by God for us to live on Earth till death comes and we graduate to heaven. In order to bring little peace and hope in our life we need to embrace love. Without love our life will be nothing less than an empty vessel which only produces irritating sound and creates discomfort in other person’s life. ‘God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.’ (1John 4:16) Thus we need to invite love in our life to attain prosperity.

 Yes, a person can lead his/her life without having love in his/her heart for another but that particular person will neither be happy nor be satisfied with life. They will either be thinking to cause harm to another person or planning to end up his/her life. Today’s youths are sacrificing their precious life only because they are depressed, they don’t find love anywhere. They are alone. So love plays a vital part in our life. If you are in love then you will be selfless, compassionate, respect other’s feelings, progress in your life, happy and confident.

Love has conquered death and time. Living beings will die, time will float away but true love will never come to an end.

‘Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

But bears it out even to the edge of doom. ‘ [Excerpt from Sonnet 116 of William Shakespeare]

Love is abstract which we can’t touch but we can only feel and the feeling of true love is priceless. Love is divine and has the power to change a lifeless soul to a living entity. Love is beyond race, colour, caste, creed, religion, status, appearance or background. Love is the most powerful force on earth. To survive from all the daily challenges and battles we all need some portion of love and peace. Love has the power to unite the whole world. Life and love are like two faces of the same coin and are dependent on each other. So, come let’s spread love at every corner and make the life of unfortunate souls a little better and prosperous.

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