Dietician Vaishali Verma crowned as winner Mrs.INDIA My Identity 2022

The Spectacular Grand Finale evening of Mrs.INDIA My Identity was held in Pattaya, Thailand recently.

Mrs. INDIA My Identity is a pageant held for Indian women from across the world. From thousands of applications and a thorough screening process, 35 finalists were shortlisted from all over the country who were trained for various skills like ramp walk, stage presence, facing the camera, posture, confidence to name a few. The pageant trainings happened over a course of 3 months in a combination of online and offline trainings.

Grand finale week was comprised of various rounds such as cultural presentation, talent show and presentation about an important cause. Mrs.INDIA My Identity believes that internal beauty is as important as external beauty. The jury comprised of Dr.Divya Patidar Joshi, Mrs.UNIVERSE Central Asia 2021, Adv. Kavita Moharkar, Mrs.Universe South Pacific Asia, Singer and Actor Eshaan Sahney, Bollywood Actor and Model Sunny Sachdeva.

Vaishali Verma representative of Uttar Pradesh was awarded the title of winner and the sub title Mrs. Nobel at the Grand Finale of National Pageant Mrs.INDIA My Identity 2022. She is thankful for the opportunity given by Vibrant Concepts to undergo such transformation.

Vaishali Verma said, “Winning the crown reflects your hard work and family support but it is my duty to maintain its dignity. She is a dietitian at Manipal Hospital by profession and has a passion for creating health awareness, so she is able to make lasting impression and achieve this. Vaishali Verma said that through this award she can reach out to more and more people and benefit them. Vaishali believes that healthy women creates healthy nation.

She said, Its is not important where you are but what is important is where you are going to be , so follow your dream and persue it.

She is grateful to Ginny Kapoor and Mr. Gagan Kapoor for their wonderful work and spreading this powerful message that your beauty lies in your uniqueness.

Chief mentor and Director of Mrs.INDIA My Identity, Ginny Kapoor said that women need to be honoured irrespective of their height, size and colour. These women deserve honour and limelight as individuals with real beauty. Beauty can not be confined to only certain criterias but many more aspects of personality and contribution.

Mr.Gagan Kapoor, The Show Director for the pageant said that Hardwork and Determination can bring out the best in any person. Women need to be respected and provided the platform to explore their potential at every stage of their life.

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