Exploring the art of Make-Up with MUA’s of Gen-Y 

The vast expanse of Art is appreciated all over the globe. And Makeup is considered an integral part of the performing arts fraternity. The look of a character on stage or on-screen needs transformation and enhancement to avoid monotony. And the shades or traits of a character is justified not only by the acting skills or expression a character delivers, look plays a crucial role to make the character bloom. In a candid conversation Makeup Artist Haimanti Dey (Hiya) and MUA Arnab explains the role of Makeup Artistry in their lives.

As an established MUA Haimanti (Hiya) feels enthralled when she gets to see her students following her pattern of Make-up. 

Haimanti (Hiya) dreams to own a product that can play “get all under the same roof” someday. Haimanti continues to exhibit her versatile skills as she continues to work with Brands as well as Normal bridal and party look as well. Industry based make-up trend and non-industry based make-up trend differs and lot. And Haimanti (Hiya) dons both like a Boss. 

Having Spoken to Young and dynamic Arnab we learnt how the young generation is daring to weave dreams having chosen make-up as a genre of art. Arnab is associated with performing arts from childhood, he is a trained dancer that explored his passion for make-up because of dance only. Having tried his hands on self make-up during stage shows Arnab found love, and Art found this Dynamic boy. Arnab already bagged credits as an MUA from ace production houses of Tollywood. He has worked with many known faces of the Bengali television and Film Industry. Amongst Dewy and Matte Arnab finds Matte his forte. One of the best things about Arnab is his passion for work and he loves to explore the depth of the character he is shaping. ” I would rather abide by the words written by the novelist that blindly replicate what other cinematic versions of those characters appear. Obeying the director’s instructions and trying to deliver justice to the novelist happens to be my first lookout when I am doing make up for a novel based web series or film character,” adds Arnab. 

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