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How can a venture by a work from home woman do wonders?

New Delhi [India]: If you are ready to listen to the journey, then different souls around us would tell us different stories. All you need is a heart filled with compassion to listen to these stories. There may be only hundreds of people who want to tell their life stories, but there are thousands of people who want to hear those words. It’s not easy to bring about a platform where everybody can share their real-life stories and make those stories accessible to everyone. Well, in 2017, when Mrs. Nidhi Behl Vats started a website named StoryofSouls, she may not have anticipated the huge impact it would have on people or the success that would come her way. All she wanted was to give people a platform to heal and to be themselves. She firmly believes that writing is a form of healing by which people can let out their pent-up emotions, stress, regrets, and grudges.

In a country like India, where women are expected to stick to one or more labels, she showed that these barriers could not hold her from achieving success. Her story is a brilliant example of how hard work and the right utilization of time can finally pay off. As of now, in this journey, she’s not alone. She has many women and men working with her, trying to take this platform to another level. She has not only inspired other mums out there but also encouraged them to have a good work-life balance.

A glimpse on the journey

Every journey has downfalls, but what matters is to take these downfalls as stepping stones to success. Being a determined woman, Nidhi took care of her family and worked even after her marriage. A few years later, she had to quit her job and move abroad with her husband when he got a great job opportunity, which was definitely a challenge to her and her career.

In 2011, she began her second inning and was advised to write blogs and articles. But, she wasn’t aware of how these things work, and it was a difficult challenge for her. Since she’s determined, she began learning the tactics of blogging with the help of online tutorials and google content. During this phase, she became a mother, but instead of giving up on her dream, she continued to handle all her roles beautifully. While learning how to be a mom, she spent some of her relaxed time writing books and became the author of six books for MBA Healthcare students.

Today she is the owner of one of the best storytelling platforms in India. A platform which has inspired hundreds of people to fight against the adversities in their life and move towards their dreams. Every story speaks of individuals who went through hardships, suffered various difficulties, yet rose above it all to conquer their dreams. She has been blessed to have a dedicated team who chose to stay by her side through thick and thin.

She transformed her career from a healthcare administrator to a content strategy consultant. Now she is a known author and is associated with various International and Indian magazines. She has given speeches at various platforms, universities about positivity, personal branding, and mental health. She is also an inspiration to a lot of homemaker mothers.

She did not shy away from taking up new opportunities. Being a mother and a homemaker, or the society’s shackles, did not stop her from achieving her goals. When she started StoryOfSouls in 2017, she had to face a lot of difficulties. Today she is an author, public speaker, social media influencer, and PR expert.  She was interviewed by the all India radio, and she was also awarded by WOW Ms. SOCIAL MEDIA INSPIRE.

Her website StoryOfSouls tells us heart-touching stories of single fathers, specially challenged people, acid attack survivors, call boys, LGBTQ people, authors, entrepreneurs, and many more. When she started writing blogs and articles on social media, she wasn’t aware that it could lead to such an inspiring platform one day.

Wonderful team of wonder women and motivated men

As a matter of fact, it is true that this achievement in her life is possible because of all the love and support that she got from her team. A leader with a supportive team can only succeed in the work, and she’s lucky to have such supportive members in her team.

She has a team that includes many other passionate mothers just like her, students from college with innovative and modern mindsets, and she also has a specially disabled woman who is a phenomenal writer of hers. Her entire team is looking to improve people’s mental health through stories about courage, darkness, and fighting depression. The team mainly consists of women and men from different backgrounds who are strong storytellers who can capture real-life stories and present them as award-winning tales.

With every business, there comes a bad time as well, and with her, the same happens. There was a time when she couldn’t afford to pay them, despite all that her team has stuck by her side. Since it’s a work from home team, they had never met physically with anyone but still have a strong connection, which was proved when she needed them to support her in her bad. All her teammates are dedicated to the exact cause and are determined to make this platform reach the maximum heights.

The achievements after the hardships they all went through

Right now, StoryOfSouls is among the top 20 storytelling platforms in India, making it a start for a huge success in the upcoming years. They have featured several inspiring stories like the specially challenged girl of 17 years who has been to the UN and is advocating equality for people with disabilities, A cricketer in a wheelchair, A lady who performs Havana, A navy lady who turned the tables around, A man who made the first App for blood donation and many more. They have more than a thousand stories that are inspiring and unique. They have initiated a platform, which has brought awareness in society and is helping with mental health as well.

Becoming a “mompreneur” in Indian society is not an easy task, but she showed courage and initiated it. Not only she started the platform, but she also encouraged other women. It’s true that she has achieved this much because of the team, her husband, and her children’s support. If you’ve gathered a group with whom you’ve never physically met and to have a deep connection that they won’t leave your back and will support you no matter what is a massive thing for every leader.

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