Introducing The Rajlaxmi Jewellers: A Treasure Trove of Elegance and Craftsmanship

Discover and radiate elegance with The Rajlaxmi Jewellers’ Viral Pola, Viral Sakha and Viral Noa collections

Kolkata, West Bengal [India]: The world of jewelry has a new shining star – The Rajlaxmi Jewellers, a haven of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Founded and meticulously curated by the visionary Mrs. Arpita Karmakar, The Rajlaxmi Jewellers is rapidly gaining recognition as a leading destination for refined jewelry that captures the essence of Indian culture and elegance.

Nestled in the heart of Kolkata, The Rajlaxmi Jewellers is renowned for its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, unmatched design, and an experience that transcends the ordinary. Mrs. Arpita Karmakar’s dedication to preserving the legacy of Indian jewelry while infusing contemporary aesthetics has brought forth a stunning collection that captivates all who enter.

We take immense pride in being the pioneers of these jewelry lines within a reasonable price range, ensuring that every middle-class Indian family can aspire to adorn themselves with exquisite jewelry. The Rajlaxmi Jewellers boasts a diverse range of jewelry, but today we shine a spotlight on three exceptional product categories that have been enchanting patrons and leaving them spellbound:

The Viral Pola

The Viral Pola Collection at The Rajlaxmi Jewellers stands as a shining example of uncompromising quality and authenticity. Fashioned from 22KT 916 gold, these pieces proudly bear the HUID BIS hallmark, assuring customers of their purity and adherence to stringent quality standards. With the added assurance of a Purity Smart Card and a lifetime warranty on gold purity, the Gold Pola Collection exemplifies trust and reliability. 

The Viral Sakha

The Gold Sakha Collection is a celebration of femininity and grace. These bangles are not just beautiful but also symbolize love and commitment. Fashioned from 22KT 916 gold, each piece proudly bears the HUID BIS hallmark, ensuring purity and quality. They are perfect for special occasions and represent the everlasting bond between loved ones.

The Viral Noa

The Viral Noa Collection is dedicated exclusively to the art of crafting exquisite Noa Badhano bangles. These bangles are not just pieces of jewelry; they are expressions of elegance and craftsmanship. Crafted with 22KT gold and bearing the HUID BIS hallmark, these bangles not only radiate timeless beauty but also assure customers of their purity and authenticity, making them a work of art that adorns your wrists with timeless beauty.

The Rajlaxmi Jewellers invite you to explore their enchanting world of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a special piece for yourself, you’ll find it here. Mrs. Arpita Karmakar and her team are ready to help you discover the jewelry that suits your style and personality.

Experience the magic of The Rajlaxmi Jewellers today and let their beautiful creations adorn your life.

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