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“Lyvefresh ANANDA” is India’s first National Network of NGO’s promoting better menstrual hygiene across India

To create better menstrual hygiene for women’s across India have become the need of an hour. After the first ever lockdown for more than 18 months across India, women and girls at rural areas faces tremendous shortage of sanitary pads during the lockdown, creating the need of sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable menstrual product other than sanitary pads i.e. Menstrual Cup.

There are several NGO’s working towards promoting better menstrual hygiene by educating about Menstrual Cup but there is no standardised training content & systematic approach for the same. There are more than 100 small and mid-size companies trying to focus on sale of menstrual cup through online platforms but no company is trying to take the challenge for creating awareness with acceptance of the product by consumer.

Lyvefresh being a parent brand of ABCD MULTIVENTURES, Mumbai who is into manufacturing of Menstrual Cups have started with the first ever initiative called “Lyvefresh ANANDA” since January 2022 to create a National network of NGO’s to promote better menstrual hygiene by providing every NGO member with Standardized training content, System driven approach, technology support, menstrual cup at subsidized prices and also the support to create CSR funds for the NGO’s.

Lyvefresh ANANDA have successfully created workshops of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) with Free distribution of Menstrual Cups in Mumbai for around 2200 Mumbai Police Women officers, 250 Railway Mumbai Police Women officers, 500+ adolescent girls across different orphanages across Mumbai. Now Lyvefresh ANANDA along with the partner NGO’s i.e. Vichar Samiti at Madhya Pradesh, Green Impact Foundation at Karnataka would roll out similar training camps across respective states.

Understanding the importance of this initiative and looking forward for more guidance, Lyvefresh ANANDA is also creating Honorary Advisory Board with the help of their first board member and spokesperson Mr. Cletus Colaco – Sr. GM Market Development of Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd.

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