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Manisha Venkatesan – The Epitome of Women Empowerment

Manisha is a very happy go lucky girl who is pursuing a BS in Applied Management. Her biggest passion is writing. Manisha has participated in 100+ anthologies. She has also won world record certificates for the first two seasons of Inkzoid Podcasts. Manisha is also the compiler of the “Ladders Of Love”, “Man With A Pure Heart”, “A King With Shinning Shield”, “A Truly Inspiring Women”, “A Step Ahead To Achieve”, “Unsaid Feelings” and many other anthologies! She is also the founder of Ibaadat-E-Kalam.  She has received “The Best Writer Of 2022” Award from Inkzoid Foundation & also she has gotten named as one of “18 Gems Of India”! Last but not the least she has gotten named as “Top 8 Legendary Women Of The Globe”!

One Of Her Write-ups Is Mentioned Below

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Aapne Kaha

Aapne kaha hamesha mere banke rahoge,,,

Ye tha vada,,

Kabhi chodke nahi jaoge .…


Shadi karne ka tha

Hum dono ka pakka irada,,,

Kyu bhul gaye aap

Mujhse kiya hua Vada


Vaado ko todna koi aapse sikhe,,,

Haste hue chehre ko rulana koi aapse sikhe…


Aapne to apne hi vaade ko toda,,,

Khuda the aap mere liye,,,

Aapne to mujhe hi akela choda….


Kiye the vaade

Hamesha saath rahenge,,,

Haste, khelte , gaate khush rahenge…

Abb na to khushi hai,

Hai to sirf gam hi gam…

Iss kadar choda hume

Zinda bhi kaise rahe hum…


Kyu aapne mere dil ko toda ,,,

Khush thi main zindagi me,,

Kyu mujhe tanha karke choda..


©Misha Writes

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