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Meet Advocate Sudha Swamy: From an Employee to an Accidental Advocate and Running a Successful Law Firm in Mumbai

Championing high-profile legal battles ranging from sexual harassment to domestic violence and other sensitive cases surrounding family matters, Advocate Sudha Swamy is amongst the leading name in Navi Mumbai law circles.

A beacon of hope for failing marriages and victims of sexual assault, the founder of ‘Suukarsh and Associates’ is a powerful advocate across spaces of POCSO, Family Matters, Humans Rights, Cyberbullying as well as Online harassment.

An accidental advocate, Sudha wasn’t really into law and advocacy until one of her employers (taxation firm) actually encouraged her to study law as her work profile demanded her to be accustomed to the law background. And what a career transition it has been – from a 20-year background in business administration to starting fresh in the world of law and order!

The Journey: From a Director’s Secretary to a Practicing Advocate and a Multitasking Mom

Sudha did her Masters in Commerce from SNDT University and started working soon after, initially as an Admin Assistant with a school and then as an Executive Assistant to the Director in Chemical companies.  Her job profile remained almost the same till 2013 and then came an unexpected opportunity in disguise when her company enrolled her in a law school and even sponsored her education.

The knowledge seeker and learner that Sudha was, she didn’t shy away from being a student yet again despite expecting her baby within a few months. Balancing perfectly her role as a mother and a student, the supermom didn’t just nurture her baby gracefully but also passed her law examinations with flying colours. Today her baby boy is 8 and so is her career in law.

The Major Success: Restoring Faith and Homes

Although the idea was to learn law for the sake of the company and teach law alongside, things transpired into an altogether different direction. Soon, Sudha was surrounded with cases that she got from her clients as well as their references, and then there was no looking back.

Most of her cases revolved around family matters concerning couples struggling in marriage. However, despite being a ‘Family Court Lawyer’ sometimes also referred as a Divorce Lawyer, Advocate Sudha Swamy believed in reaching an agreement between couples either through mediation or a proper counseling especially when young kids were involved. After all, a divorce is a painful emotional process and so Sudha in her career has always given utmost importance to see if things can be sorted through counseling, talking and mediating.  According to her, this is her real success – restoring faith as well as homes!

Scaling Up with the Launch of Suukarsh and Associates, A Law Firm

With notable recognition in the field, Sudha started her own law firm Suukarsh and Associates in 2017 and soon a team of lawyers joined with her so that the firm could cater to not just family matters but also criminal cases, civil disputes, cases related to properties and also Government registrations.

Given her reputation of being an empath as well as a phenomenal lawyer, Sudha also got recognized as a competent lawyer who could seek justice in cases related to sexual assaults, domestic violence, crimes against women, cyber bullying, online harassment and even in cases related to child abuse as well as child pornography. Perhaps this is the reason why she is even an integral part of several NGOs and takes legal sessions on women’s rights as well as on the POCSO act.

This is precisely why Advocate Sudha Swamy and her team of lawyers in Suukarsh and Associates are known to be the best lawyers in Navi Mumbai for their legal consultation and result-oriented approach.  

The Setbacks and the Comeback

The greater the achievements, the greater are the setbacks, and Sudha’s case is no different. No sooner than she started her own firm, she lost her husband, her partner and the father of her son. It wasn’t easy for a 3-year-old kid and her mother to look beyond their major loss. Yet, the two became each other’s support system and came out of the emotional trauma strongly.

Yes, despite her personal hurdles and challenges, being a single mother has not stopped Sudha from achieving her professional feats. In fact, her son is her major source of motivation, inspiration and her drive towards living an inspired life.

Full of will power and perseverance, Advocate Sudha Swamy is an active legal voice in Navi Mumbai who through her law firm and personal capacity seeks to fight against injustice in various aspects. And, we just wish her more power and strength!

Sudha is also a member of BNI Navi Mumbai. She has achieved lots of her goals through this Business Networking group. This group helped her in Business Development and connecting with other new members/potential clients.

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