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Meet Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat, Renowned Celebrity Skin Coach From Udaipur

Women in India can now experience a new level of customised skincare with Udaipur-based entrepreneur Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat. Founder of Skin Studio, Bhuvneshwari, offers personalised pre-bridal skincare packages to address individual skin needs based on season, skin type, and age.

Bhuvneshwari, a renowned skin coach and awardee for her entrepreneurship and youth leadership achievements, believes in a holistic approach to skincare. Drawing inspiration from her royal Rajput heritage and her passion for natural remedies, she uses organic, homemade products to create a unique skincare experience for each woman.

“Just as we wouldn’t take the same medicine for every illness, a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare doesn’t work either,” says Bhuvneshwari. “I aim to understand each person’s specific needs and create a personalised regimen that nourishes their skin from within.”

Skin Studio’s pre-bridal packages go beyond just topical treatments. Bhuvneshwari provides customised dietary guidance to complement the skincare routine, ensuring a well-rounded approach to achieving a radiant glow for the big day.

Bhuvneshwari’s dedication to natural ingredients and innovative approach has garnered recognition from celebrities and royalty, as well as leading publications like the Times of India, Zee News, and Rajasthan Patrika. Her journey as a skin coach is a testament to the power of Ayurveda and the importance of understanding individual needs.

About Skin Studio:

Skin Studio by Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat offers customised skincare and haircare solutions based on individual needs. The studio emphasises using organic, homemade products crafted with a blend of Ayurvedic principles and modern science.

For further queries, visit her page: bhuvneshwarijadejashaktawat

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