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Meet Raajvvi Shah, a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist – A Special Interaction

Surat, (Gujarat) [India]: Raajvvi Shah is a young, renowned Consulting Dietitian and Nutritionist who specialises in Indian based diet. She believes in lifestyle consulting, wherein basic lifestyle changes can go a long way in maintaining fitness and good health. She’s done her Graduation and Master’s in the field of food science and nutrition from Sheth P.T. Mahila College – Vanita Vishram (Surat). She has work experience with various organisations like 3D, Gujarat Hospital and Sapphire Multispeciality Hospital.

She has been guiding people to improve their food habits and lifestyle with her own consultancy practice too by the name ‘Healthy Swings’. She believes in creatively putting nutrients in the body rather than starving people out of food.

Catch Raajvvi Shah in her first-ever significant interview exclusively with us as she goes on to enlighten us with her work and achievements.

Ques.: How did you discover your passion as a ‘Dietitian / Nutritionist’?

Raajvvi: I’ve always had a keen interest in Food and Nutrition, finding joy in assisting people to enhance their health. My decision to become a dietitian stemmed from the desire to aid individuals in making positive changes to their diet and lifestyle, aligning with my personal values of prioritizing overall well-being.

Ques.: What is your favourite part about being a Dietitian? What drives you?

Raajvvi: There are several aspects I cherish about being a Dietitian. I derive satisfaction from helping people enhance their health and well-being through nutrition. Crafting healthy and delectable recipes is a delightful challenge I embrace. Witnessing individuals make positive life changes based on my guidance is particularly rewarding. My driving force lies in empowering and challenging wellness journey myths, fostering self-awareness, courage, and ethical living.

Ques.: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Raajvvi: The most challenging aspect is working with clients on very restrictive diets. Striking a balance between finding enjoyable foods within the constraints of their diet poses difficulties. Additionally, helping clients adhere to their diet in the face of tempting foods or situations is a persistent challenge.

Ques.: What are some of the most common misconceptions about diet and nutrition?

Raajvvi: Common misconceptions include the belief that eating less is necessary for weight loss, while some may actually need to eat more for a balanced diet. Another misconception is that all fats are detrimental to health, overlooking the importance of essential fats. Additionally, the notion that eating healthy is expensive is misguided, as many nutritious foods are affordable.

Ques.: Both obesity and malnutrition are plaguing India. How tough is it for you to handle such a situation?

Raajvvi: India faces the dual challenges of malnutrition and obesity. Limited food availability in certain regions contributes to malnutrition, while obesity often results from poor food choices, shifting away from traditional, fiber-rich Indian diets. Addressing these issues requires recognizing the crucial role food choices play in overall health.

Ques.: Last one – please let us know some of your favourite tips for eating out healthily?

Raajvvi: Some favorite tips for healthy dining out include planning ahead with a healthy option in mind, opting for simple, grilled or baked dishes over fried or saucy ones, prioritizing vegetables, and, if possible, choosing a salad as the entrée. Limiting alcohol intake is also advised to avoid unnecessary calorie intake.

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