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We often talk about Independence and Freedom for women in society. She’s benchmarking her presence in every field.  International studies demonstrate that when the economy and political organization of a society change, women take the lead in helping the family adjust to new realities and challenges. I have always mentioned that woman is already empowered, we’re in no place to give her powers but the support and acceptance is the only expectation she has from the society. What strikes me most, does she only need acceptance from the society? What about her own self? Is she not stopping herself somehow from getting more confident and dignified? A self confident person can bring a change to the world. And today on International Women’s Day I am sharing few ways which can boost the Self Confidence of a woman.

  1. Communicate clearly- It is sometimes seen in middle classes , lower and upper too that women voices are given to someone else related to her. You ask her a question and the answer is given by her father, husband, boyfriend , even from her kids and so on. It is important that woman should know how to vocalize her thoughts, needs, and wants and know that they are worthy of being heard!
  2. Being on driving seat- She’s driving the fighters plane to whole family but when it comes to be on real driving seat, we still witness her less in number. The fear that how will I drive a car or a scooty should be eliminated only by her and my girl, mark my words!! You will be more cautious , safe and there’s no better driver than you.
  3. Going out- When you spend time outside, the area of your brain that’s linked to depression and anxiety increases in activity, having a positive impact on your mood. It can also help you focus on more positive emotions, improve your memory and your ability to multitask and concentrate. So no matter how packed your schedule is, always make sure to take out sometime to meet your friends, to do party (party isn’t restricted to breweries and pubs, having a chaat can be a party if you’re well spirited) to do some outdoor activities or you can just do a park visit with your kid.
  4. Financial independence- You’re hardworking, creative and talented. If not in corporations then you’ve the privilege to start something of your own. Your earning figures are not bars, a litttle financial independence not only help you to be more independent and confident but it also makes you to be more happy and having a healthy relationship with others.
  5. Being there who you love most- We can do it all and make everyone happy. No, we can do it for few , will be good to them and not for each and everyone. Know your loved ones, who’re precious for you and always make sure to be there for them. Don’t barter their time with anyone else who’s not going to be there for you. Our immediate family and few friends makes our world and the confidence they make you feel is the real treasure.

Be kind to them and be kind to yourself!!

When you respect yourself, you teach others to respect you too. Everyone says “treat others the way you want to be treated”. While that is true, the reverse is also true: treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Respecting yourself shows that you are strong, confident, and know that you are deserving of respect from others.

After all, demanding respect is part of knowing how to carry yourself as a woman. It starts with you!

Happy International Women’s Day to all my already empowered Women.

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