Multifaceted Talent: The Inspiring Journey of Bhupali Mazumder

Bhupali Mazumder is an individual of many talents. Hailing from Assam, North East, India. She is a composer, lyricist, singer and also a prolific classical dancer as well as an abstract painter.

Besides her creative talents, Bhupali works as an English Teacher at a school. She belongs to a family of academicians, artists and musicians. Her father himself is an abstract artist who has made immense contributions towards the scenario of art and culture.

In Assam, Bhupali is one of the prominent independent artists known for her many self-written songs like: ‘Niyor’, ‘Botah Jaake’, ‘Bokul’ and more. Moreover, she has written popular songs for artists like Shankuraj Konwar and ‘Popiyatora’, one of the trending songs from Shankuraj Konwar’s album ‘Indradhanu’. Also, her famous originals, including ‘Mulaqaat’, ‘Pujo elo’, and ‘Kaashbon’, have been an all-time hit. 

The artist’s talent in songwriting isn’t just limited to her mother tongue. Bhupali is known to have written, sang, and composed Hindi and Bengali songs. Her cover songs like ‘Popiya Tora’, ‘Mur Monore Kalpana’ and ‘Mayabini’ with Zubeen Garg propelled her to prominence. Often regarded as the ‘Female version of Zubeen Garg’ by her fans, Bhupali’s songs have reached listeners worldwide.

From Assam to Australia to Singapore, fans from all around the world praise her for her success. Furthermore, Zubeen Garg praises her commendable spirit in continuing her music journey despite the health hazards that Bhupali braved with fortitude.

Throughout her musical career, Bhupali received the Best Singer’s Award for three consecutive years at Guwahati University. In addition, she received the ‘Best Musician’s

Choice Singer’ award at a popular reality show — ‘Amul Sangeet Maharan’, hosted by satellite channels News Live, Rong, and Randhenu. Since then, Bhupali has been an active performer, and her musical career gradually soared high.

Besides her musical indulgences, Bhupali is one of the eminent abstract artists from Assam. She illustrated covers for many magazines, souvenirs, novels and poetry books. Furthermore, she has designed album covers for famous artists, including Rupam Bhuyan’s album ‘Beng Bo’ and Shankuraj’s ‘Ki Bedonate’.

“Working for more than 15 years with the same creative spirit “, reminisces artist Bhupali Mazumder. For several years, she has collaborated with ‘Metropolis Asia’ and exhibited her masterpieces. Since 2021, she has run her own music and art studio, Studio Lata.

In addition to her creative talents, Bhupali is a prominent classical dancer. She has acted as Art Director for many popular songs of Assam. At a tender age, she received her Bharatnatyam degree. Later, Bhupali completed her Bachelor in Classical Music from Bhatkhande, Lucknow and procured a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Assam Lok Sanskriti Pratisthan.

Bhupali has completed her Master’s in English Literature and Mass Communication and Journalism from Guwahati University. After procuring her degrees, she developed a mind to work for children and their well-being.

Bhupali Mazumdar’s journey symbolises resilience and passion in the face of adversity. Despite early struggles with bullying and insecurity due to a lack of proficiency in mathematics, Bhupali found refuge in painting and music, nurtured by her supportive parents. 

She faced the most significant challenge when diagnosed with severe migraines and was advised to avoid high-frequency sounds. Soon, Bhupali transitioned from performing concerts to expressing herself through abstract painting. 

Collaborating with “Metropolis Asia,” her paintings gained recognition, providing the impetus to pursue her other passion: music. However, her path was marred by more health challenges, including hepatitis and severe anaemia, leading to an absence in her creative pursuits. 

Unfazed by these occasional obstacles, Bhupali remarks, ‘I believe life has beautiful things waiting for me. I am a dangerously mended optimist now who thinks – Life is beautiful.’ Fueled by an indomitable spirit, she persevered, continuing her artistic journey despite setbacks.

Despite her fame worldwide, Bhupali stays connected to her roots. This humble yet multifaceted individual is inclined towards imparting knowledge to tiny tots and living a simple life. Her sense of humour and cheerfulness attracts children. Soon, Bhupali plans to work for underprivileged children, ensuring wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

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