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‘Ojaswi Nari Samman’ presented to women by Shubhstar Group, various successful women participated in the program

‘Ojasvi Nari Samman’… as if the name itself is demeaning – respect for powerful women. This only does not mean that everyone is extremely powerful and must be respected, it is meant here is that over millions of people, even after establishing a powerful position in their field, still keep one very important thing in themselves.

Many successful women from different places across the country participated to enhance the dignity and beauty of this women’s honour. In this felicitation ceremony, successful entrepreneurs, dietitians, anchors, senior writers who have established successful careers in the media field, reporters and voice artists, bike riders, models, singers and businesswomen had their wonderful presence. 

This felicitation ceremony was organized by Shubh Star Group. This event was brilliantly organized by Shubham Kumar, owner of Shubh Star Group. Let us tell you that Shubham Kumar is a well-known name in the event and entertainment industry as well as in the media sector. Through this event, Shubham also mentioned another women-based organization. The name of this organization is ‘Femme with Vision’, in which plans are being made to bring better opportunities for women to be successful in the future. 

Tapasya Sharma, Amit Jha, Deepika Dwivedi, Pinky, Anshul Verma, Harshita Ahuja, who played an important role in making this energetic Nari Samman event successful and anchor Iris, who hosted the event, also added charm to the show.

The successful women who were given the Ojasvi Nari Samman in this event were experts in their respective fields. It includes Divya Sandhu, Shilu Tyagi, Zareen Naz, Shikha Aggarwal Sharma, Advocate Shubhra Mandarita, Komal Mishra, Manisha Nano, Ninkuj Aggarwal, Jayati Jha, Lucky Tyagi, Monica Kapoor, Vita Singh, Amandeep Kaur, Ritu Singh, Vanshika Shirkarwar, Shushma Sharma. Such well known personalities were involved. In this event, not only the women from outside were given the Ojasvi Nari Samman, but the women who worked hard in the team of Shubh Star Group were also honored with this award. Sonal Dutta, Mukta Singh, Swati Vishwakarma, Andreda Anjela, Charu Verma, Tapasya Sharma, Jyotsna Rai and Deepika Dwivedi were also honoured.

The most important personality in this event was Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, co-founder of SARC Associates and Indo-European Business Forum, who was present as the chief guest. His warm presence added charm to the entire programme. Along with these, celebrity guests and well-known names in the entertainment industry, Deva Dhami also participated. Both the VIP guests made all the women feel proud by giving them Ojasvi Nari Samman. Apart from these, Keshav Singh Rajput, Amit Virmani, Dr. Rabiaah Bhatiya were also present as VIP guests. 

Let us tell you that this event was sponsored by Veer Group. Similarly, the entire team and all the women who received the awards and the VIP guests who gave the awards cooperated together. This program was successfully concluded.

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