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Rajathi Kalimuthan: The Indian Water Sommelier on a Mission 

Banglore (Karnataka), [India], May 24, 2024:- Meet Rajathi Kalimuthan, a water sommelier from India who traded a highly lucrative and successful investment banking career to pursue her altruistic mission. Rajathi, an entrepreneur from Chennai, left no stone unturned to become a water sommelier, a specialist trained to identify water quality and taste. But unlike most sommeliers who focus on food pairings, Rajathi has a bigger mission: making exceptional hydration accessible to everyone.

But who are water sommeliers? What do they do? Water sommeliers, much like their wine counterparts, are trained to understand the intricacies of their chosen beverage. They can identify water quality based on mineral content, taste, and even origin. Typically, you’d find them in high-end restaurants, recommending specific bottled waters to complement different dishes on the menu. They elevate the dining experience by creating a perfect harmony between food and water. Rajathi, however, had a different vision. Fuelled by a personal wake-up call when her doctor revealed to her that her body had aged far beyond her years due to improper hydration habits, Rajathi set out on a global quest.

Over four years, she spanned continents, meeting water experts and tirelessly searching for the ideal source. Her 36,000-mile journey finally led her to the Himalayas, where pristine natural water awaited.

This discovery became RHYTHM: Purity of Himalayas, a premium water brand built on the belief that exceptional hydration is essential for a healthy life. Rajathi’s approach is a departure from the typical water sommelier. While they elevate the dining experience, her focus is on the well-being of everyone. Rhythm isn’t just about taste or fancy pairings; it’s about educating people on the importance of proper hydration and the role water plays in overall health. It is also about inculcating the principle of ‘Sarvam Thaala Mayam’— Rhythm is present in everything, from the flow of water to the human heartbeat. A lot of care is taken to minimise human interference in the natural rhythm of the Himalayas, which purifies the water. Natural purification ensures that the water retains the essential natural minerals and electrolytes. The water is energised with frequency and bottled as close to the source as possible while preserving its sustainability. Rhythm water is about capturing this essence and reintroducing purpose, purity, and power to the kind of water we ingest regularly. After all, if the body is a temple, more care should be taken before choosing the kind of water being put in it.

Through Rhythm, Rajathi empowers individuals to make informed choices about their water intake. She believes a well-hydrated body is the foundation for a healthy life, and her mission is about a shift in perspective. Next time you reach for a drink, remember Rajathi’s story: water can be more than just refreshment; it can be a powerful ally in your wellness journey.

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