Rewiring the Subconscious: Hema Thareja’s Transformative Approach to Mindset Mastery

New Delhi, [India], June 28, 2024: Hema Thareja, the wealth and abundance manifestation coach who started Bliss Manifestation, has been a source of inspiration for innumerable people. Through her coaching, she guides clients on a profound journey to unlock their full potential by rewiring their subconscious minds, which promotes growth and personal development.

“Shift your mindset, shift your life,” Hema says, emphasizing the power of conscious thought. Her approach is founded on the concept that by intentionally modifying and nourishing subconscious thoughts, people can transform their lives. She frequently says, “Transform your life by consciously shifting and nurturing your subconscious thoughts.” summarizing the essence of her approach. 

Hema is a firm believer that “growth and comfort do not coexist”. She encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zones to achieve meaningful transformation. “Discomfort is the price you pay for growth,” she says, urging individuals to embrace challenges.

Central to Hema’s coaching are five key practices aimed at helping individuals gain clarity, peace, and a positive mindset. The practices include mindfulness meditation, repeating affirmations, maintaining a gratitude journal, challenging negative thoughts, and staying patient and persistent. Individuals who incorporate these habits into their daily lives can start on a transformative journey that goes beyond surface-level changes.

Furthermore, Hema’s transformative process is simplified into three basic steps: Recognise, Refocus, and Be Grateful. Recognising negative patterns is the first step towards change. “Awareness is the first step towards transformation,” Hema says. Refocusing involves shifting attention towards positive and constructive thoughts. On the other hand, being grateful is about acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of life, which reinforces a positive mindset.

One of the significant aspects of Hema’s coaching is addressing the impact of childhood trauma through the exploration of seven core beliefs. “Our beliefs shape our reality,” she emphasizes. These beliefs, shaped by early experiences, profoundly influence an individual’s outlook and actions.

Hema Thareja’s coaching has not only transformed individual lives but has also created ripples of positive change in the wider community. By addressing deep-seated beliefs and fostering a mindset geared towards growth, Hema helps her clients overcome barriers and realize their full potential. Her work demonstrates the immense power of the mind and the profound effects of conscious, positive thinking. “Your thoughts shape your reality,” Hema reminds her clients, “so choose them wisely.”

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