Self-Made Independent Eduprenuer Minakshi Kashyap Builds Award-Winning School in Rural India

Nestled in Nighasan Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, is the Abalone Public School, symbolising its founder, Minakshi Kashyap’s determined effort and commitment. Founded in 2006, the school has emerged as a source of excellent education for rural children, owing to Kashyap’s impressive career as an educator and entrepreneur. With her husband as her primary support, despite their differences in various areas, she endeavoured to excel and bring pride to everyone.

Minakshi’s journey itself is an inspiration. Hailing from Dehradun and educated in a convent school, she carried the value of education close to her heart. However, her vision extended beyond the confines of a city. Armed with a 40-year-long experience in education, she embarked on a mission to provide the same quality of learning to the children of Nighasan Kheri. The path was challenging. As a self-made woman in a field often dominated by men, she faced societal resistance. Yet, her constant optimism and a firm belief in the power of education fueled her determination.

“It wasn’t always smooth sailing,” says Minakshi, reflecting on her experiences. “There were moments of doubt, moments when the weight of societal expectations seemed overwhelming. But the fire within me, the dream of creating a space where every child could thrive, kept me going.”

Abalone Public School stands tall today, a testament to Minakshi’s relentless spirit. The school proudly holds the esteemed recognition of being honoured by former President Pranab Mukherjee. It has embraced innovation, becoming a centre for Microsoft hybrid learning. More importantly, students from the school have been selected for national-level science projects, highlighting the quality of education they receive.

Minakshi’s vision extends beyond mere academics. She believes in cultivating individuals with a broad range of skills and interests. The school promotes creativity and motivates students to explore and enhance their abilities. This comprehensive method of education enables students to achieve their maximum capabilities, irrespective of their backgrounds. A mother of three kids, including two successful doctor daughters, Minakshi is a role model for young women and aspiring educators. She embodies the spirit of a woman who embraced lifelong learning, even acquiring digital skills to stay on top of the educational sector.

The story of Abalone Public School is a tribute to the transformative power of education, especially in rural areas. It reflects the resilience and steadfastness of Minakshi Kashyap, a visionary who dared to dream and established a haven of education for future generations through sheer determination and perseverance.

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