Shrishti Singh – The Pride Of Ghatotand

Shrishti Singh is a young writer who is the Pride of Ghatotand, RAMGARH, JHARKHAND. Daughter of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh and Mrs. Sunila Singh. She’s currently studying in class 10 at TATA DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL.

About Shrishti Singh’s Writing Journey

Shrishti Singh’s writing journey as a poetess started from the age of 12 when she was in standard 6. She used to write poems on mainly two topics life and friends. In the beginning she was absolutely not so good, she faced many problems because her poems contained grammatical errors, lack of vocabulary and lack of ideas. But she didn’t gave up. She started listening to English songs, watching English movies, mostly Disney movie and songs. This helped her to improve.

Without problems and challenges no one can succeed. So, ofcourse this has not been an easy journey for her. She says “I used to cry whenever I got a negative review or feedback on my poems, but after sometime I stopped crying and I tried to improve myself.” And she improved herself.

She says “I’m blessed that God gave me two boats to sail on. I’ve to study too and look after my poems also. My grades are not so good right now so everyone’s suggesting me to stop writing poems but I’m stubborn I don’t listen to what they say. The way I’ve balanced the boat of my poems in the same way I’ll balance my studies too”.

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