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Signia Teams Up with Influential Women for World Hearing Day and International Women’s Day

Signia, the global leader in hearing aid technology, is proud to announce its partnership with influential women as Saathi (partners) for its #HearTheChange campaign, which runs in sync with International Women’s Day and World Hearing Day.

This aligns with the campaign theme “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!” Signia is dedicated to spreading awareness about hearing health and advocating for the importance of early detection and treatment of hearing loss. By collaborating with notable female partners, Signia aims to highlight the significance of hearing health among women and encourage them to prioritise their auditory well-being.

“We are thrilled to join forces with these remarkable women who share our commitment to hearing health,” said Mr. Avinash Pawar, CEO & Managing Director at Signia. “Women play a crucial role in fostering health awareness within their communities, and we believe their involvement will amplify the reach and impact of our #HearTheChange campaign.”

The female partners joining Signia as Saathi for the campaign, from sharing personal experiences to raising awareness on social media platforms, each partner brings a unique perspective and passion for promoting hearing health.

To promote a culture of hearing care and inspire positive change, Signia and its female partners will participate in various campaign activities, such as social media marketing, educational programs, and community outreach projects.

For more information about the #HearTheChange campaign and Signia’s commitment to hearing health, visit

About Signia

Signia stands as one of the top brands of hearing aids worldwide. It seeks to improve human performance by influencing the hearing health market with iconic innovations and user-friendly designs. Signia is a leader in rechargeable hearing technology and has consistently introduced industry-first hearing solutions since its founding in 2016.

Signia offers modern hearing aids together with tools and apps to improve communication and engagement with customers at every stage of hearing aid care. In addition to helping users of hearing aids correct hearing loss, Signia and its team of hearing care specialists give them an advantage—the ability to Be Brilliant.

About WS Audiology

WS Audiology was established in 2019 due to the merging of Sivantos and Widex. With over 140 years of experience developing innovative equipment, the company helps those with hearing loss hear the sounds that enhance their daily lives. It operates in more than 130 markets and has distinctive brands, including Widex, Signia, Rexton, Audio Service, and Vibe, in addition to various assets in wholesale, retail, internet, managed care, and diagnostic solutions. The Tøpholm and Westermann families privately own WS Audiology, which employs 12,500 people and has funds managed by EQT. It seeks to become a global leader by bringing incredible sounds into everyone’s life and unlocking human potential. To learn more, please visit

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