Step-by-step positive efforts can make a difference – Diwyanshi Shukla

Diwyanshi Shukla, a girl from a semi-urban city Bhilwara of Rajasthan state has been setting an example for those who think mustard can’t be grown on the palm.

Diwyanshi’s father Mr. Ravikar Shukla is a railway employee and mother Mrs. Rama Shukla is a home-manager. Diwyanshi was always an average learner who always used to prefer to stay quiet & reserved. She didn’t use to talk with many people because of the fear of speaking in Public. In her early childhood, she had been athletic and during this passage, she felt the need of having good communication skills numerous times but the fear became gigantic when she realized it deeply that she can’t even express her feelings accurately in her own mother tongue due to lack of pensiveness.

“Although, Transformation is rarely proactive but the gradual, deeper realization brought transformation in me”, says Diwyanshi while remembering her decision of joining a Language School to learn to expressing herself without any hesitation and uncomfortableness.  Sooner, she realized that she has a prodigious caliber in the field of communication and language which was always implanted in her but due to the continuous suppression of the nearby environment, she could never realize it.

She kept working on her linguistic skills & personality, she left no stone unturned in mastering the language. At a very early age, she started to teach in a well-reputed school of her district and began to gain invincible confidence by spreading her knowledge to the upcoming generation. Her oratory skills started to break the walls of district and state & soon she was called as a speaker by the Institute of Company Secretary of India –ICSI, on the occasion of women’s day i.e. March 8th, 2018. She also had inclination towards her social responsibility so she joined a campaign which was to make people aware for not quitting on their lives, later she got her name featured in India book of Records & got awarded from Delhi Health Minister in 2019. She was soon invited by one of India’s biggest multimedia media platforms “JOSH TALKS” and her video broke the internet as she got 68 lakh views in a rather short span of time. In her talk she spoke a line which can be considered the Himalayan task for millions, “Which feeling can be bigger & greater than the feeling to express everything precisely in the exact way as the mind imagines.”  Since 2019, she has also been spreading her wisdom and intellectual strength through blogs, articles & write-ups. Josh talks again approached Diwyanshi for its educational segment Josh Skills for teaching personality development on their app which is having a download of more than 1 million. Later, her writing skills became publicized when she co-authored a book named “Will-development”. She has also been called on the TEDx stage for sharing an idea on “Why is public speaking a bugbear in semi-urban areas”? Her articulatory delivery can easily be witnessed & appreciated by anyone in her both talks on Josh Talks & TEDx. 

She has been teaching Spoken English, communication & personality development to many people across the nation through her online classes, along with it she also teaches in her physical classes. Her proficiency & command has made Josh Talks call her again to give two more talks to share her spoken English and communication expertise. Through her both YouTube channels i.e. English and Motivational, she has been adored and cherished by end numbers of students. 

It is the story of a girl who has become example for those who curse the negativity of life but never see the positive side of the coin. How step-by-step efforts can create a huge transformation, Diwyanshi’s life is a true example of it.  

This is a rare yet true story of the inspirational journey of a girl from being an introvert to becoming a phenomenal English Speaker and a responsible teacher. Diwyanshi added that the purpose of her life is to inspire the coming generation by living her own life right. She also said that her family and friends supported her at every step, that is why she found her talent and could make her personality better.

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