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Tanzi Mukherjee shares about her Journey and association with SRL group 

“Homecoming” carries a vibe so endearing that most of us want nothing beyond it. So is the story of Gen Z, keeping pace with globalisation our youth find comfort in western attire. Therefore experiments with westerns are now pretty much kept in the mainstream zone. Thus, when you are actually trying to think out of the box our own traditionals have so much to experiment.

Model Tanzi Mukherjee who is a student is focusing on “out of the box ” concepts. Holding SRL group’s hand she is experimenting with traditional attire in a different way.

Tanzi Mukherjee already worked with a few brands and is quite determined about making a good career in modelling. Having worked with SRL the young model says ” Working with SRL group was lovely, MD Sarbajit Ghosh is such a good guide and mentor”. SRL group’s Managing director Sarbajit Ghosh believes that “every woman is muse”. Tanzi Mukherjee worked with SRL group as a model for the hoarding shoot of a reputed brand.

Tanzi is currently continuing her studies, she is trained in dance and also a keen reader of the fashion genre. She reads a lot about fashion, its origin and how changes in the fashion industry unfold.

Tanzi shall appear in one of SRL’s upcoming projects in near future. For Tanzi, experimenting with traditional is the new out of box thought which is pretty refreshing.

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