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The Journey of the Brar Jessy, the author of a famous Poetry Book – “Mai Sau Kudi Nhi Han.”

Read this quote twice ‘At the end of the day, as women, we can endure much more than we think we can!’ Yes, that is so true when we look at women who are looked upon as submissive and weaker than men. But do you think this holds any relevance and is the truth?

We as human beings tend to artificially and inappropriately divide human beings into two groups based on gender and then attach attributes to each one of them based on the gender bias that has been instilled in us over the years. We end up building a series of characteristics based on gender, like women are weaker than men, coming in periods is yet a taboo and a sign of shame, working in corporate is the birthright of men, and so on. Men and women are both created equal! If they are considered the weaker gender, women wonder where they gather to courage and strength to give birth, raise a child, handle the house, and do well professionally too!

This thought and way of thinking still exist in many despite being in the 21st century. Women as a child or as an adult experience this gender inequality every day through various experiences from men and other women. This has an impact on their self-perception.

Mai Sau Kudi Nhi Han-I am not an innocent girl book is an inspiring collection of poems on the sensitive topic of women being considered weaker and with the power of words proving the various stigmas around women wrong. This excellent book is authored by a young and motivational author and poet, Brar Jessy, from Moga, Punjab. She is the strong, creative and sensitive Punjab di kudi!

Initially, Brar Jessy is inclined towards writing romantic poems. However, she had some experiences in life that made her think about women’s fate and inspired her to write a collection of poems in this book talking about it, once she had posted a picture of her nephew holding a pad. Guess what happened next? She was faced with resistance and shame from her cousin sister. She thought that posting such a picture was inappropriate and shameful! She received a comment, “Sau Kudia eh sbh post nhi krdia.” Why! Are pads a sign of weakness? What is so disgraceful about them? This is why women can give birth to the next generation and hold the cycle of life together.

This ignited a spark of thought in Brar Jessy, and she started penning down the book ‘Mai Sau Kudi Nhi Han.’ She specifically used the word ‘sau’ (means innocent) in the book’s title because it often referred to girls as gentle, submissive, and meek for birth. Brar Jessy does not agree to this thought coming down from generations together because she believes that if girls are meek and submissive, where they gather the strength to endure the unjust treatment, she is generally imposed to! It is a collection of over 100 poems aimed to clear this myth and derive inspiration from it. It’s a must-read for men, too, to particularly know and understand the strength and capacities of a woman hidden behind the misconception in the minds of many.

Jaswinder Kaur, who is known as Brar Jessy, authored the inspiring book- Mai Sau Kudi Nhi Han’. in 2019, with its fifth edition released in May 2021. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Book is popular among the youth. She has many other published co-authored books to her attribute, like Bijh Birch and Svina Yaadan Da Sarmaya. Further, she has also written a short movie called ‘MAA Da Khat.’

Get your hands on the book ‘Mai Sau Kudi Nhi Han’ by Brar Jessy today! It’s available on Amazon and Flip kart. We look forward to your reviews after reading the book. Happy reading!

Buy Book at Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/Main-Sau-Kudi-Nahi-Ha/dp/8191094959

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