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Upama Ghosh – A mighty poet from Kolkata looks ‘Beyond The Horizon of Horizons’

As Robert Frost once remarked, “There are three things, after all, which a poem must reach: the eye, the ear, and what we may call the heart or the mind.” Poetry is the most significant and revered form of writing in the world. The reader’s heart has to be touched most of all. Like art, poetry can be quite subjective because its value mostly depends on the emotional connection its audience has with it. Therefore, it might be challenging to evaluate poetry only on its technical merits or to compare one poet to another. Having said that, there is a renowned poet named Upama Ghosh who has achieved amazing success in numerous literary genres and made a lasting impression on her readers with her Bengali and English poems.

Upama Ghosh is a poet, recitation artist, dreamer, ‘Vitiligo Crusader’ & an Assistant professor from the city of Joy, Kolkata. She recently released her first book, “Protibimbo,” a collection of 10 Bengali poems from Atmajaa Publishers in Kolkata, and “Into the Hue – Beyond The Horizon of Horizons,” a collection of 25 English poems from “Shades Publishers” in Kolkata. In both of these books, she recounts her experiences, memories, and introspection from her lived experiences of “Pandemic,” important issues like “Discrimination during Menstruation,” and “patched experiences,”

Claim to Fame – Upama Ghosh

  • Published research publications in international journals in the field of education, including the International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation and Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education.
  • Her Poetry book ‘Into the Hue: Beyond The Horizon of Horizons’ got nominated for ‘National Book of Records of Appreciation’ by ‘LearningAve’
  • She was also chosen to have her poetry included in a number of anthologies, including “The White Order,” “Ink Society Community,” “Rosewood Publication,” “Divine Publication,” “Literoma Yearbook on Women and Emotions” etc.

Indeed, most of us are inspired by someone when it comes to our job, or any hobbies we engage in. There is always an individual that we look up to who inspired us to get involved in something or whom we have studied to get where we are, Upama Ghosh has been an inspiration for many aspiring authors and other readers. She has written great poems in both the languages viz Bengali and English and the social topics that share the common elements make her classic. It goes without saying, poetry has the power to unite the people of all nations and cultures and this mighty poet, Upama Ghosh has penned down various poems through her experience.

We all enjoy poetry every now and then and you can also grab Upama’s Books on Amazon, Kindle and other online bookstores.

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