Varsha Kandhari ™, Reiki & Manifestation Coach from Mumbai all set to Help Women Repower Their Relationships with Reiki

Varsha Kandhari ™ is a promising Reiki & Manifestation Coach from Mumbai.

She is a bold & innovative Reiki Master, who has taken an initiative to introduce Reiki for married women to Repower their Relationships. After 10+ years of Experience as HR & Employee Relations Manager, she took a massive decision of shifting her career from Human Resources to Reiki & Manifestation Coaching.

Though that sounds a big move, Varsha Kandhari ™ believes she was, is & will always be a people’s person.

Varsha Kandhari ™ had  tough initial decade of her marriage. She had filed for divorce & was sure of parting ways with her beloved husband. The cause of their split was family involvement & pressure. She then got introduced to the art of Reiki Healing & her life changed 360 degrees.

Universe worked in their union’s favour & they revoked their divorce application.

Reaping immense benefits of Reiki in her personal life, Varsha Kandhari ™ decided to Coach married women on how they can Repower their lives with the help of Reiki.

“We women are absolutely like a container within an empty pond, we need to fill ourselves with love first to overflow the surplus and fall on our loved ones “.

Varsha Kandhari ™’s knowledge of Reiki & Manifestation is deep & immense. Her effective & inspiring coaching techniques make Reiki Self Healing quite a calming experience for women.

She is a modern Healer & develops a very safe & comfortable vibe for her clients so that they can share their hearts out with utmost faith & trust.

She provides online classes for Reiki and Manifestation and her students have had great shifts in their lives & mindsets post learning Reiki Healing.

Are you a kind of woman who has lost her power?

Are you constantly seeking validation from others?

Are you needy of love, appreciation & significance from family?

Are you stuck in your career & lost your identity?

Are you a Queen at heart still searching for her Crown?

If any of your answers is Yes, your answer is Varsha Kandhari ™.

Her Queen like energy is empowering women each day & it’s her mission to help 1 million married women to Repower their relationships with the help of Reiki.

Varsha Kandhari ™, the best Reiki & Manifestation Coach in Mumbai won the Women Excellence Award 2023 in the month of April 2023.

She is also the Author of the book, “Divorce Letter To Love Letter” which she will launch on her birthday, 28th May 2023.

She is ready to Repower Women in full swing & seems absolutely unstoppable in her mission.

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