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Walking Miles for Care: Uma Maheshwari Inspiring Journey with Carefoeva Home Healthcare Services

In the heart of Mumbai, a tale of passion and resilience set foot on the grounds of reality and gradually began spreading its wings. The year was 2011 when Ms Uma Maheswari, the compassionate founder and owner of Carefoeva Home Healthcare Services, set out on a journey that would redefine the healthcare industry for the better.

Hailing from the serene town of Munnar in the South, surrounded by misty hills, Uma Maheswari dreamt of bringing healthcare services to the doorstep. However, her journey was dotted with hurdles and challenges. Despite the rising barriers, Ms Uma overcame them and continued to tend to anyone who needed medical attendance

As a bright student, she joined the nursing academy, where her dedication led her to cater to patients at a Bangalore-based hospital. She soon graduated with distinction in 2014, receiving calls from various nursing agencies.

In the hope of enhancing her technical knowledge, Uma Maheswari ventured to Aurangabad from Bangalore. The initial challenge was the local language. Despite facing bullying, she embraced the difficulties and learned eight languages, showcasing her resilience.

Years of service in Aurangabad prepared her with the knowledge she sought. Uma Maheswari then headed to Delhi to specialise in treating cancer patients and understanding the critical points of healthcare. Her hard work and dedication changed her career trajectory— she soon began to dream of running something of her own.

In Mumbai, Uma joined a home healthcare agency, working closely with celebrities and politicians. Realising healthcare facilities are still incomplete, she embarked on a new initiative to fill this gap with innovative ideas. She understood the responsibility and the need for comprehensive facilities and therefore embarked on a journey to bring about new additions to the healthcare domain.

Collaborating with a private airline pilot, she ventured into air ambulance services, understanding the urgent need of the hour. During the demanding times of the pandemic, Uma Maheswari, a true COVID warrior, handled 45 positive patients. 

The biggest challenge was to walk 8 to 10 km daily to treat patients at the camp and provide personal care to elite individuals and politicians. Her sacrifice and dedication were recognised in 2022 when she won the award for Covid Warrior.

In 2023, Uma Maheswari fulfilled her dream by establishing Carefoeva Home Healthcare Services in Mumbai. The company, under her leadership, offers a spectrum of services, ranging from nursing care to ICU setups at patients’ homes, along with both domestic and international ambulance services. Today, Carefoeva is a testament to Uma Maheswari’s dream of providing home health care services, palliative care, infant care, and more.

In recognition of her dedication, Uma Maheswari’s journey from a nursing student to the founder of Carefoeva Home Healthcare Services serves as an inspiring narrative in the landscape of healthcare entrepreneurship.

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