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Her day starts at her writing desk, surrounded by her beloved books, music, and a cup
of tea. Love, believe, and magic have always been her favorite words. Chinky firmly
trusts in the profound harmony of the universe and wholeheartedly resonates with the
idea that “What you seek is seeking you.” This belief inspired her to write the book.

She embarked on writing this book during the most challenging period in human
history, around March 2020. Not only was the world undergoing significant changes
externally, but something profound and unconscious was happening within each of us.
Through this book, she embarked on a journey of healing, self-love, and embracing the
unhealed parts of her soul.

“WHEN YOU LOVE, YOU HEAL” encapsulates the essence of the book. Every word
within it reflects her unwavering faith in the power of love. This book takes readers on
an introspective journey into the heart of an introvert, exploring the deep connection
between love and healing. In a world where grief, loneliness, and the disconnect
between our inner and outer selves are growing, the act of writing this book allowed
her to delve into her own being and untangle the knots within her heart that were
previously unknown.

She believes that love and kindness are vital in today’s world. She resonates with the
notion that love and pain are two sides of the same coin. Our chaos pushes us and
transforms us into who we are meant to be. Whether our journeys are physical,
spiritual, or emotional, love remains the ultimate destination.

Ultimately, she believes that love is what we all need. It has the power to fill our
deepest voids, soften the hardest of hearts, and alleviate fear and chaos. Love can
transform our lives. Through this book, she encourages readers to seek love in people,
places, and things that surround them. Despite life’s challenges and self-doubt, when
we experience love and feel loved, we radiate in a different way. One of the most
significant lessons she learned while writing is that vulnerability can be our greatest
strength, enabling us to forge soulful connections with ourselves and others. Only when
we are true to ourselves can we truly accept others as they are.

The core of this book explicitly revolves around love. Love can manifest in the simplest
of things, events, people, or even through chaos and heartbreak, defying time and logic.
The book cover’s write-ups consist of simple one-liners, aiming to establish a
connection with readers that resonates with them. The author desires for readers to
believe in the magic of the universe and in their unique journeys. She firmly believes
that “Love” is the most essential and intricate human emotion, the answer we are all

One of the best pieces of advice she received came from her partner: to write from the
heart without inhibitions or the need for validation, especially as women. She finds
inspiration in the works of Rumi and Rupi Kaur, and her two daughters are her greatest
source of inspiration, as their love not only heals her heart but also makes her

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