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Wind Chasers introduces Pilot Training solutions to enhance the learning experience of aviation enthusiasts

All set to open its first office in Bangalore

New Delhi, [India] May 3, 2024: Wind Chasers, India’s leading pilot training solutions provider has today introduced its comprehensive suite of pilot training programs in India. Wind Chasers aims to provide a seamless learning experience by guiding aviation enthusiasts with accurate information, expert guidance, and access to premier flying schools.

Founded by Sumaiya Ali, Wind Chasers is setting a new benchmark in the aviation industry. The company offers career counselling and job placement assistance to help students kick-start their careers in the aviation industry. Its DGCA ground classes have proven to be a key enabler by helping students to meet the requirements to become a Licensed Commercial Pilot.

Removing the barrier of limited access to quality training, Wind Chasers has created a one-stop-shop for students, catering to their varied needs right from immigration, visa assistance, licence procurement to financial counselling.

Commenting on the same, Sumaiya Ali, Founder, Wind Chaser said “Our vision is to empower those aspiring to become pilots by making their journey smooth and efficient. We are even all set to mark our first physical presence with our corporate office in Bangalore. We understand the challenges faced by students pursuing aviation careers, so we have assembled a team of industry experts to provide unparalleled support through personalised training, counselling, and placements.”

Wind Chasers has partnered with renowned international schools from the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa and more to ensure students receive the necessary practical training that develops the skills needed to get commercial pilot licences and ratings. Such a multiphase training scheme equips the candidates with an equally balancing combination of theoretical and practical skills to guide them in achieving successful aviation careers.

About Wind Chasers

Wind Chasers, Founded in 2024 by Sumaiya Ali, is India’s leading digital platform for pilot training. With the aim to offer a seamless learning experience, the company  guides aviation enthusiasts by providing them with accurate information, expert guidance, and access to premier flying schools.

With a team of professionally qualified people like airline pilots who have been in the airline industry, EX Air Force personnel, International commercial pilot licence holders, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Windchasers targets to make the journey of every individual easy and fulfilling who want to pursue aviation as a career.

Windchaser meets the needs of each candidate right from providing them with the private pilot licensing to advanced aviation certification. In this way, students land placements after receiving the necessary flying experience with Private Pilot ( PPL), Commercial Pilot ( CPL), and Multi Engine Rating add-on licences.

Although Wind Chasers is recognized for its teaching model and unparalleled 1-1 learning support, the platform also provides other services like immigration, visa, licence, and financial counselling. The company’s vision is to let those students who are just starting out, to fulfil their pilot dreams in a short span.

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