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Women’s Day edition – Meet the Mompreneur and founder of Kaantam Aashi Khattar who is crushing it

Mompreneurs are leading the way when it comes to women running profitable online businesses. Being a mother and a business owner is a very delicate and stressful balance that deserves inspiration, so Aashi Khattar who is also a business owner and runs a successful skincare brand Kaantam deserves special recognition on this special day. She was also felicitated with the most iconic Mompreneur Award 2022 by Ed Innova.

International women’s day which is observed on March 8 every year, encourages society to promote gender equality and make equal space for all. With time, women have managed to come a long way and are breaking all barriers and this day is all about celebrating the achievements of Women and appreciating their efforts. This Women’s Day we had the privilege to recognize Aashi Khattar who decided to be a hands-on mom and embrace her entrepreneurial side as well, rocking it with her Skin Care Brand Kaantam!

Aashi Khattar, a former digital marketing expert, decided to become a mompreneur in 2020 when she decided to become a mother. Aashi Khattar, a mompreneur, decided to launch Kaantam while raising her young child. She quit her corporate job to become a mother first, then combine motherhood with entrepreneurship. She decided to start her own business under the name Kaantam and seized the chance to work in the skin care industry using her knowledge of and experience with handmade goods.

The challenges that come with being a mompreneur are certainly unique. “Mompreneurs struggle to manage their time effectively,” says Aashi Khattar, the founder of Kaantam and mother of a 2-year-old son. As mompreneurs, we are frequently unable to add ourselves to our list of priorities because we are constantly being pulled in different directions, she claims, noting that she is fortunate to have a husband who is very supportive. Aashi worked tirelessly to educate herself about her business, this way she not just uplifted herself in a world where women continuously struggle to hold space but have also has been an inspiration for many young girls and women.

With its exclusive natural skin care products, which include the following and were introduced in March 2022, Kaantam is bringing color and glitter to the industry’s expansion:

  • Handmade Soaps
  • Lip balm, Lip scrub, lotion bar, Aloe vera Gel, and many more
  • Handmade candles
  • Gift hampers for various occasions.

Scientific research has shown that candles can help people relax, and this winter, customers flocked to Kaantam’s organic-scented candles because they have a distinctive hotel scent. You can make a purchase while lounging on your sofa and enjoy the aroma in your own home. Due to their ability to improve well-being and maintain calmness and relaxation, its wellness candles are also used in spas. On the other hand, Kantaam’s Aloe Vera Gel is best known for treating skin irritation and delaying the aging process of the skin without causing any negative side effects.

Undoubtedly, many women receive support from their family members to manage their children and their jobs. However, in this instance, it was just Aashi and her husband. As a mother who manages the smooth operation of her family as well as successfully running her business, Aashi’s husband has been a huge pillar of support in building Kaantam. Aashi Khattar, who is based in Greater Noida, seeks women to use the natural skin care products that the Indian company “Kaantam” sells because they are handmade locally and contain no chemicals.

Kaantam’s products are available on Amazon and on www.kaantam.com

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