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HCG Manavata Cancer Centre performs rare Robotic Surgery on Morbid Obese patient

HCG Manavata team has recently performed a very high-risk surgery in a morbidly obese cancer patient through Robotic surgery.

Patient had complaints of heavy bleeding from her uterus with blood clots passing on and off through vagina for more than 6 months. On investigation she was suspected of having uterine cancer in view of large mass in her Uterus with post-menopausal bleeding.

She was 120kg weight and had even difficulty in sitting or walking because of obesity. Over that she was hypertensive and hypothyroid and newly diagnosed uncontrolled diabetes. Many of the surgeons in her native place which was about more than 700 km from Nashik, in small town called Guna in Madhya Pradesh, advised them for open surgery on very high risk of anesthesia, & wound complication like infection & poor healing problem.

So, she came over here in belief and stature of HCG doctor Dr. Vikas Jain who investigated & managed first for her comorbidity with help of our pain physician & anesthetists Dr Jitendra & Dr Nayana. Next day she was taken up for a Robotic Radical Hysterectomy.

In morbid Obese patients it is difficult to perform any laparoscopic or Robotic surgery, even starting with Anesthesia to port placement (making holes) to perform the procedure. But with expert efforts of Dr. Vikas Jain, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncology & Robotic surgery performed this procedure efficiently with the support of Dr. Utkarsh & Kalyan as a team.

Patient was extubated immediately after surgery and started walking out of bed on the same evening Next day she started taking her normal diet as all tubes were removed and 2nd day after the surgery she was discharged from the hospital.

Speaking about this high-risk surgery done on a morbid obese patient Dr. Jain said “Any surgery in such cases is very risky but if it is performed Robotic or laparoscopic by experts then it is a boon because there is minimal chance of infection as there is no big surgical cuts and thus the surgical pain is less and post-operative recovery is fast. In fact, the patient can perform daily activities right from the next day of the surgery.”  

Speaking about this Dr. Raj Nagarkar, MD, HCGMCC says “I am grateful to my team of excellent surgeons and medical staff who take up such challenges and perform them skillfully and using their medical expertise. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of treatment and leveraging technology and modern equipment in providing the best medical options to our patients.”

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