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Unrooting by Himi

“Unrooting” by Himi is a captivating collection of poems that offers readers a glimpse into the author’s profound emotions and impactful experiences. Divided into five sections, the book encompasses a range of themes, including love, darkness, musings, self-love, and worldly thoughts. Himi’s ability to weave nuanced details and evoke multiple layers of meaning in her poetry sets this collection apart. As readers delve into the pages of “Unrooting,” they embark on a cathartic journey that invites introspection and thoughtful contemplation.

For Himi, the inspiration behind “Unrooting” stemmed from a series of events that unfolded over the course of eight years. The book was not initially intended for an audience but organically evolved into its present form. Himi’s writing journey began at a young age when she started penning quotes and song lyrics. As a choreographer, her need to express her emotions through movement eventually found its way onto the pages of her book. Thus, along with her writing, for her, dance serves as another medium of expressing her emotions to the outside world.

“Unrooting” is an intensely personal collection, with each poem serving as a window into Himi’s life and her deeply felt experiences. The poems resonate with the author, connecting her to various moments in her life. By sharing these intimate reflections, Himi invites readers to connect with their own emotions and find meaning within the pages of her book.

While acknowledging that “Unrooting” may not be for everyone, Himi believes that readers who seek poetry capable of transporting them to another world will find solace within its pages. The collection presents an opportunity for readers to embark on a cathartic journey, provoking thought and reflection along the way. Himi’s ability to evoke emotions through her evocative and lyrical language makes “Unrooting” a distinctive and compelling read.

In an interview, Himi shared a beautiful advice: “Write about what makes you move, swell, dip, rise, burn, burst, grow, and be alive—but most of all, write about what makes you live”. This habit, she believes, is crucial for writers and artists alike. Himi’s journey with “Unrooting” exemplifies the power of letting creativity flow naturally without being constrained by expectations. By embracing this mindset, writers can unleash their authentic voices and create work that surpasses their own expectations.

Himi’s artistic endeavors extend beyond “Unrooting.” She has several upcoming projects in the works, including additional books, a dance production, and even a film. With a deep well of stories and expressions waiting to be shared, Himi’s creative journey shows no signs of slowing down.

“Unrooting” by Himi is a poetic masterpiece that allows readers to explore the intricate depths of human emotion. Through the power of her words, Himi takes readers on a transformative journey, encouraging self-reflection and evoking a range of emotions. With its unique blend of personal experiences, thought-provoking themes, and lyrical language, “Unrooting” is a must-read for those seeking a profound and immersive poetic experience. Himi’s debut collection leaves an indelible impression and solidifies her place as a talented and promising poet.

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