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Rakhi Kapoor spreads awareness about abuse in Toxic relationships through her book Now You Breathe

Narcissism and abusive behavior due to various personality disorders has infiltrated deep into the society. Most victims of toxic relationship unfortunately are abused by their own loved ones. The very people they trust or seek validation from for like their parents, partners, spouses, teachers, friends’ colleagues, bosses etc. are the ones who abuse them. This kind of abusive behavior is justified under the pretense of anger, jealousy, relationship issues, aggression, bad mood, strict parenting, senility, and a host of trivial reasons.

People of any gender or age can be the target but children, minors and women suffer in greater numbers. Women and children suffer more because they are stuck in such relationships due to their financial dependence and minority status.

Women and Children who are victimized in such relationships are conditioned by their abuser to be scared and confused. Various manipulative techniques are used to control the victim’s behavior. The abuse is camouflaged in the form of verbal, emotional and mental abuse.  Women and children are deceived in the name of love and attachment.

Author Rakhi Kapoor’s book highly acclaimed and multiple awards-winning book Now You Breathe – (Overcoming toxic relationships and abuse) stormed into the hearts of its readers and made an irreplaceable place in their hearts.  For the victims of abuse and trauma It is like a torch that brightens the dark corners of their lives. The readers are shaken up from a state of ignorance giving them hope through this book.

Now you breathe awakens individuals to the fact that Love and Abuse cannot go together. It has vital information for women and victims of abuse to recognize the red flags, manipulative techniques like emotional verbal mental abuse in toxic relationships. It stresses on the effects of Post traumatic stress disorder and urges the readers to get help. Dealing with a loved one like an abusive partner, husband, boss, parent or a teacher for a young girl and a woman can be extremely challenging especially in the Indian society. Young girls and women are stigmatized on the pretext of dressing, empowered financial and educational status. The victims themselves are blamed for instigating their abuser. The society and close family around suppress a women’s plea in the name of “what will people say” and reputation of the family in the society”. Women suffer from constant abuse leading to a host of physical and mental disorders called PTSD subsequently depression and suicidal tendencies.

Rakhi Kapoor’s book Now You breathe explores the concept of mental health and personality disorders like Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality, Disorder, Psychopathy, Sociopathy etc. with extensive research and her own personal experience. The book throws light on how to deal with such situations and provides insights to get out of such relationships. Now You Breathe has won several awards. It has been awarded the Prestigious International Golden Book Awards 2023 in Dubai describing it as a Powerful Relationship Guide. It has also been awarded the Nonfiction Book of the year in the International Yukiyoto Awards programs, Writefluencers award 2023.  Rakhi Kapoor has been awarded the Author of the year 2022 in the National Achievers Awards program at the constitution club of India, new Delhi for her commendable work writing twenty-five books on women wellness, relationships, mental health, pregnancy, childbirth, and self-help.


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