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Mums’ mental health and Milestones

Rakhi Kapoor is a renowned prenatal counsellor and author. She makes pregnancy and motherhood which is the most challenging phase of a women’s life enjoyable and stress free.

Young couples in nuclear families, single parents and women with careers find it extremely challenging to balance their professional and personal life against demands of pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding and parenting. Rakhi Kapoor works relentlessly through her online sessions and the various books she has written to alleviate the stress and challenges for young couples pertaining to parenthood. A pregnant woman is given the responsibility to eat healthy, exercise, stay fit and cooperate through the childbirth process. Despite her compromised health after pregnancy and childbirth she is expected to keep awake through the nights and take care of her newborn. Who is guiding and supporting the mother through this all process along with taking care of her mental health? Mood swings and postpartum depression is real. Women need help to deal with such issues instead of shirking it away saying it’s a common occurrence.

Rakhi pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in the country through her center Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai. She has counselled thousands of young couples, expecting women and new moms making the transition into parenthood smooth for over two decades. Rakhi Kapoor has written several books on pregnancy, childbirth, mental health, and infertility for young couples.

Her book Expecting Daddy delivers is the first of its kind written for dads to be which has also been translated in to Hindi titled Behtar Pati Behtareen Pita.

Her book Deliver with delight – Tens steps towards happy and healthy pregnancy has topped the Amazon India best seller chart in its category. Mums’ mental health and milestones is another book written by Author Rakhi Kapoor which stresses on the significance of the expecting mother’s mental health for a healthy baby and family.

Rakhi herself had a traumatic childbirth experience. Having got back on her feet after all her struggles after childbirth, breast feeding and post-natal blues she took it upon herself to curate these sessions and write meaningful books so that young women would have practical guidance to make their journey smooth. Raising a family in the current times has become a challenge. Women are under intense pressure to balance their careers and family life. Infertility Impatience and Intuition is another book written by Rakhi Kapoor which gives insights to couples who are struggling with infertility issues or planning a baby later in their life.

Rakhi Kapoor has been recognized by various prestigious forums in pursuit of her work towards women’s holistic wellness. She has been recognized as the Women Face of the year 2023 by Fox story India. She has been awarded “Woman of Excellence” 2023 by Yuukke a global ecosystem for women entrepreneurs. She has received the India Power woman Award 2023 and recognized by the India Social impact awards 2023 for her work in the field of women and children’s health.  

insta- @author_rakhikapoor

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