Renowned Kathak Dancer Ritu Gupta Mesmerizes Delhi Audience with Exquisite Performance in the Lucknow Gharana Style

New Delhi: Ritu Gupta presented a captivating Kathak dance performance in Delhi, showcasing her remarkable talent in the classical dance form. The event took place at the Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi and was directed by Kathak guru Pradipto Chakraborty. The program commenced with a Vishnu Vandana, followed by a presentation of intricate rhythms, footwork, and a Thumri dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The audience was enthralled by the performance, and Ritu Gupta’s artistry received well-deserved appreciation.

In this dance presentation, the lead Kathak artist, Ritu Gupta, was accompanied by her fellow artists: Zohaib Hasan (vocals and harmonium), Shahbaz Khan and Naved (tabla), and Amir Khan (sarangi). Together, they garnered attention and accolades, showcasing the splendor of India’s Kathak art and culture.

Renowned Kathak exponent Ritu Gupta left the audience spellbound with her enchanting performance. This magnificent Kathak presentation was a celebration of the Lucknow Gharana style, promising an evening filled with artistic excellence, rhythm, and cultural immersion.

Speaking about the performance, Ritu Gupta stated, “Kathak is a significant ancient Indian classical dance form with its roots in North India. I am proud to be a part of the Indian classical dance tradition. Through this festival, I hope to send a message to the youth of India – those interested in dance should explore and learn Indian classical dance forms. Our dance contains everything, and I am grateful to all the audience members for attending this Kathak program.

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