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Anita’s Home Made Maach Bhaat starred 4 out of 5 in an online review

“A sportsman earning daily wages was painful.”-notes Anita, on seeing her athlete who could not earn a decent living due to lack of deserving opportunities. The little income which poured in the family, “helped us suffice for 10 to 15 days.”

Anita’s parents did not come to aid, “since I did not marry the suitor of their choice”. Helpless, “I started working as a domestic chef in my locality.” INR 1500 was her monthly wage which made it difficult for a family, “who did not know how to bring food in the table.” Seeking help from local volunteers, “I opened a small street-side canteen which served Bengali food”. The menu was simple and “served at a low cost to vendors, and local trespassers,.” The decent income which came from the canteen saved the family from food-insecurity. “When we were just about count profits, the sudden pandemic followed by a lockdown severely affected us” notes Anita.

She had to shut down their counter after a year of struggle in 2021. “We survived on little savings and again got back scouting for odd jobs.” The rural-women task force led her to take up a needed digital training by ANUDIP “I saw women young and old attending the training in mornings, and afternoons” marks Anita, while “coming to know more about social media promotions, e-commerce sites and online banking facilities.”

Soon the inquisitive student in her became keen, “to learn how I can make the best use of digital media if I re-open up my business.” The trainers happily addressed ways and methods on how she could link up her trade with several online sites. Next, Anita surprised everyone, on setting up a food page and posting it on a social media site for a Home Delivery canteen service. “One brick at a time, I thought, when I received my first order for a birthday party.” It was Anita’s first media promotion which converted to a lead.

In three months, Anita’s Home Delivery services was reflecting in online food delivery services. “I receive 9 to 11 orders every day and my monthly income is INR 15000” marks Anita. “Anita’s Home Made MaachBhaat is now famous” claims the new entrepreneur assuring that her customers reviewed her hand-made Bengali fish and rice on an online page.

Anita is one among 100,000+ women from the remote corners of the country who has been benefitted by ANUDIP FOUNDATION, a non-profit working across 18 Indian States which aims to bridge the gender digital divide by providing innovative digital programs that increased women’s economic empowerment through technology since 2007. Their innovative campaign mantra #breakthebias#changethenoise on women carriers brings out an innovative world of women and girls from the Indian margins – empowered by technology based employment and entrepreneurship. Click the link to find out ANUDIP CEO Monisha Banerjee and Founder Dipak Basu speak their experience in challenging the broken rung on the career ladder for women from the margins, and how successfully ANUDIP engages and enables girls from resource-limited backgrounds to access training, projects, and other resources for accelerating livelihoods in technology.

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