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Bestselling author Nihara Hareesh’s debut novel “Unlovable” is causing quite a stir in the literary world

If you are a die-hard romantic, who is always looking for another fictional escape and often falls in love with a fictional character, I hear you. Over the years romantic fiction has become one of the most popular genres throughout the world. Today, I’m revealing the details of another romantic story that’s going to melt your heart. Nihara Hareesh, an author of multiple bestsellers is coming up with her debut novel “Unlovable” on 25th December. This is the perfect opportunity for all of the readers who adore a fresh take on the fictional world. Make sure to grab yourself a copy of “Unlovable” this Christmas, or you can simply pre-order the book from the comforts of your humble abode.

Nihara has always been driven towards contemporary romance. Even in her early childhood, she used to sit for hours with a book and daydream about a romantic world far away. She has already published two poetry collections and two short story collections and now she is ready to take the reading community by storm with the launch of her first novel, which is all about romance. “Unlovable” is very close to her heart and she promises that feeling of being lightheaded, experiencing butterflies, stomach dropping, and the excitement of your first love. She brings to us the feeling of meet-cute, newly formed friendship, overflowing attraction, the scenario of being confused between two guys, and the process of falling in love.

“I am a hopeless romantic myself and that’s what drove me to come up with this story. I die for that happy-ever-after feeling, that’s why I like more of happy stories. I try to find a common denominator of bringing all of my characters to a happy ending. So, you would never find my book without a happy ending.” Quotes Nihara.

Unlovable is centred around a romantic triangle, the protagonist Nisha Kumar is entering the most exciting phase of her life. She’s moving from the Southern part of India to a college in Delhi on a scholarship. Little does she know about the two guys on the campus, “The Greek God” Rivan and “The Book Boy” Felix are waiting to enter into her life with all sorts of emotions like love, hate, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between. The book focuses on the journey from teen to adulthood and the changes it brings into life. My favourite part about this book is its theme, it’s so authentic and relatable. Every one of us experiences a sudden change in our lives with the start of college and our pursuit of unending love.

Apart from being an award-winning author, Nihara is also the founder and CEO of Hyperlinks Media, a media agency that helps you grow your digital presence by taking care of social media, PR and events websites, etc. She is also associated with Hyperlinks Consultancy, specializing in Business Development, Franchising, and 360 Market Solutions. She also owns an online magazine, which is quite a sensation in Dubai.

Nihara is a perfect blend of a successful businesswoman and a critically acclaimed author. Being a TEDx speaker she never fails to share insights and her experiences with the audience. Nihara is an internet sensation; she works as a lifestyle blogger and documents her travels. When you scroll through her Instagram, you would find a perfect blend of aesthetic and stunning posts that fuels our inner wanderlust.

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