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“I aim to maintain authenticity in my posts and stories while keeping them visually appealing to the audience” – Alisha Arsiwalla

Social media has transformed the way we interact with the world around us. One of the most significant developments of recent years has been the rise of Instagram content creators who have amassed a following through their unique content and creative storytelling. Among these influencers, there is Alisha Arsiwalla who stands out quite like our Instagram content creator, who creates engaging content around fashion, lifestyle, parenting, food, and travel. 

How and when did you start your journey as an Influencer?

I completed a fashion program at NIFT, followed by obtaining a diploma in fashion and establishing my own fashion brand. However, upon becoming pregnant, I decided to divest my fashion label and prioritise caring for my child. My affinity for fashion came effortlessly, as I have always acted as a stylist for my loved ones. During a trip to Derby approximately five years ago, I created a charming and captivating dress for Sanaya, a perfect outfit with a fascinator over her head that garnered significant attention from the media and was featured in newspapers. It was then that I recognized the potential of establishing a presence on Instagram.

What are some things you keep in mind when you start your stories?

I believe, A Story has to have a story. As a content creator, I strive to provide informative details about my niche which are lifestyle, fashion, travel, and gastronomy. I make an effort to introduce novel destinations and brands through my Instagram stories. Above all, I aim to maintain authenticity by minimising the use of filters in my posts and stories and at the same time making them visually appealing to the audience. Because authenticity is key on Instagram. Share stories that are true to your personality and brand, and avoid overly polished or staged content. I try to post engaging stories to which people can easily relate.

How do you manage to be a hands-on mom and a blogger at the same time?

I am fortunate to have an unwavering support system from my family. Without any qualms or remorse, I accept help from any available source, particularly when my family is present. Therefore, I do seek assistance when required. My mother-in-law serves as an exceptional pillar of support, providing invaluable aid in organising the kitchen and cooking for us daily. While my husband holds a corporate position, he wholeheartedly assumes parental responsibilities and diligently cares for our daughter in my absence. Balancing my career and my daughter are equally paramount to me, and my husband and I believe in supporting each other to achieve this equilibrium.

Your daughter is quite active on social media through your stories, tell us a little about her interest in the same.

To be frank, my daughter does not derive pleasure from shooting or generating the content, and I do not exert any pressure on her to do so. When I wish to collaborate with her, I always have a conversation with her first, obtain her consent, and only proceed if she agrees. If she is occupied with school and a brand wishes to collaborate with us, we decline the offer. I have chosen this profession for myself, and I have no intention of imposing it on my daughter. I include her in my stories as she is, and it requires minimal effort on her part. This is how I operate, and she need not expend much effort.

There is a lot of negativity about the influence of social media on kids. How do you handle the trolls when it comes to your daughter?

Up until now, I have not encountered any trolling directed towards my daughter. However, if I were to experience it, I wouldn’t be too bothered by it since trolling is an inevitable occurrence for content creators. Every parent has their own unique style of parenting and upbringing, and sometimes trolls may have a legitimate reason behind their comments. It’s crucial to focus on the positive aspects and have faith in your parenting process and style, believing that you are doing what’s best for your children. It’s not wise to make comparisons with others; instead, assess whether your child is content, sleeping peacefully, smiling, and exhibiting good manners and kindness. If these aspects are present, then I am confident that I am fulfilling my duties as a mother. Trolling is a fleeting issue that will dissipate after a day or two – it’s just one of the side effects of being a content creator.

Share with us a few things that parents who are active on social media must keep in mind while including their kids in the same.

As I said and believe is Consent. Always obtain your child’s consent before sharing anything about them online. Explain to them what you want to post and why it’s important to you. Be sure to listen to their feelings and respect their boundaries. Secondly, Privacy. It’s essential to protect your child’s privacy when sharing information about them online. Consider avoiding sharing their full name, address, school information, and current location. Be mindful of what you post about them, and always ask for their permission before posting anything that might be embarrassing or too personal.

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