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The Real Hustle Story of an Influencer: Darshna Bulchandani Awasthi

Darshna Bulchandani Awasthi is a very renowned influencer. She has been leading an inspirational life. She has founded and co-founded multiple tech companies. She is a model. She is a blogger and Vlogger, and there is so much to talk about her, which makes her one of the ideal role models for many aspiring girls and women out there.

But, behind this successful and smiling influencer, there is a really moving hustle story.  She lost her father when she was too young. She had her mother and a very small brother, which gave her the responsibility of being the sole bread earner of the family at a very early age. She started her career out of responsibility by taking private coaching. She not only took care of her family, but she also completed her studies and her brother’s study by taking coaching and working as a school teacher.

After completing her graduation in IT, she got her first IT job in one of the MNC companies based out of Ahmedabad as a Jr. Software Developer. During her first job, she got her first investor, and she co-founded her first venture of an IT and technology company, which performed really well. From the very first year, that company became a profit-making company and started growing in leaps and bounds.

On her personal front, she got married to a successful businessman and conceived a new life in her womb. Due to her pregnancy, she was not allowed to take any sort of stress. Thus, she had to resign from her title and withdraw her share in the technology company she co-founded. She became the mother of a beautiful Angle, and after a few months, she made her return to her career with a bang.

Then, Darshna embarked on multiple ventures and became a digital influencer. She joined a Netherland-based IT company with a c-level title. She co-founded her fashion brand, “Khawaissh,” one of the leading ethnic wear brands for women. She has also completed multiple fashion and modeling assignments. She is also a blogger and Vlogger that shares reviews on different resorts, restaurants, spas, salons, and more to help beautiful people out there have the best time with their families and give priority to their recreation and self-worth. She is also co-founder of a western fashion clothing brand with her husband. This brand is going through the registration and other formal processes and will export clothes to the Netherlands. This brand will be launched soon, in 2023.

In a nutshell, with her persistent efforts and hard work, she defined her own story of life, which now inspires many other women and even men out there.

If you want to learn how to live life to the fullest and become a successful influencer, then follow her on social media profiles.


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