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Koffee Connections Personified-blend of Personal Branding and Media Publications by Skimmy Gupta & Tarveen Kaur

If one had to look back in time, Media was used as a medium to publish facts about public figures and promote established businesses. The introduction of the “Influencers” left the media divided – the influencer was neither a public figure nor a business, and yet it was both! This was only the start, while most people relate influencers to being people who make reels on Instagram, you must know there are many more definitions for this noun. An influencer is anyone who is visible in the public eye and who has the strength to either create or destroy an opinion about a person, place or product. This can also be a person who is a manager in a company, the boss of a business, a friend who is popular in college or anyone around us.

Skimmy Gupta and Tarveen Kaur were quick to pick up the gap in this segment and that is when Koffee Connections Personified was born. Bringing together robust experience in their fields, Skimmy and Tarveen have created a powerhouse by combining the essentials of Personal Branding with the strength of Media Publications.

Skimmy Gupta – Founder of Miss Koffee Tales, has been a journalist with renowned publications like Times of India, Midday, Asian Age, DNA, Indian Express and many more. Her love for life and her energy took her on the path of entrepreneurship. She explored being an avid blogger and the world was in awe of the stories she showcased. Skimmy has interviewed some incredible Bollywood stars who also feature on her Instagram page, revealing some interesting facts about life and coffee.

She believes that the only way to survive is to reinvent yourself and update yourself to match times. She has seen the world of media change from being one where you needed to wait a few weeks to get an article published to today, where an incident or event is reported within nanoseconds of it taking place. The world is growing hungry for information and the world of digital media is here to stay.

Tarveen Kaun – Founder and CEO at Personify Global Academy is on a mission to educate people on the importance of building a strong personal brand. She has seen people reach out to counsellors, seek refuge in the gym, join weight loss programs, attend hours of leadership seminars and invest a lifetime in chasing another’s dream.  While all of this surely helps, Tarveen truly believes that for lasting change to happen, one must work on their brand.

Your brand is not just the name you identify with or the company you work for, it is a lot more than that and unarguably way more valuable than anything else you can imagine. Your brand is the bridge between who you are and how the world sees you. Tarveen began her journey at Personify to encourage, educate and equip people to build personal brands that reflect authenticity and confidence.

Thus Koffee Connections Personified is a match made in heaven of two incredible women who can help build your brand while also helping the world see you shine.

Multiple influencers, corporate leaders, business owners and more rely on Skimmy and Tarveen to guide them through the murky waters of Media Planning and Branding. With hundreds of companies promising more for less, it is extremely easy to fall prey to substandard work, or perhaps no work at all after paying up front. Koffee Connections Personified works with integrity and trust. Here promises made are to be respected.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki “If you are not a brand, you are a commodity” and it is extremely essential that when you trust someone to build your brand and media plan, they have to be the best. Do remember, the digital world is very unforgiving, one mistake and it stays forever.

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