The therapeutic healer and counselor- Anu Anand @soulfulbyanu

Allow us to introduce you to Anu Anand, an expert healer, someone who has helped hundreds of people, from teenagers to elderly people to kids, breaking the shells of their limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential. A certified wellness and life coach, spiritual intuitive, mindfulness practitioner, and parent coach, Anu Anand is more than just the name. She’s one of the safest hands one can place their problems in.

Our girl from Noida is setting benchmarks when it comes to counselling and encouraging clients through personal or professional challenges. Having learned from the best global coaches, including trainers from the UK, Canada, and Australia, today she’s a well-known name in the industry. To add to her list of achievements, Anu has many accolades and certifications including mindfulness, reiki, tarot, Feng Shui, psychology and child psychology. Development being her forte, hundreds of happy clients recommend her. Her charisma, therapeutic aura and larger-than-life personality make her the lively human that she is.

Anu believes that mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. She warmly extends her helping hand to society by providing services like life coaching, tarot reading, nature healing, yoga, and storytelling that could make an immense difference in one’s existence. As a trained and experimental storyteller, she co-founded WOW: Willows of Wisdom, a children’s training platform that involves creative thinking and enthusiastic learning to bring about necessary changes in society. This highlights the importance of children’s development and how they can be beautifully moulded from a tender age. Ms Anand’s pearls of wisdom have no borders. She travels the world to spread positivity, making the world a better place to live.

As a budding writer and content creator, Anu has gotten her work published on many online platforms, including Medium, Momspresso, and a few children’s magazines. Her Instagram page is the place to be for your daily dose of motivation. From poems to affirmations, you’ll always have exciting content to hop onto her Instagram.

Anu firmly believes in the power of energy and is helping people across the globe explore and create a sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones. In the 21st century, we need more women like Anu Anand as role models who can aid fellow beings in bringing out their true potential.

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