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From Food to Fashion and that’s how I lived up to my Passion! – With Riya Hassani

The world has been advancing in every aspect and with time, there are many new opportunities and professions coming to light. Photography, Modeling, Artistry, Blogging! And it has become one of the prominent professions with endless opportunities. But back in the time who knew back then, that something like blogging could be a profession! Yet there were people who believed in it and with an urge of doing something unique and inspiring they started off their journeys. The story we brought you today is of one such blogger, who started blogging back when it was a really new concept. It wasn’t easy but her determination and passion made it happen and today, in the world of blogging ‘theflavor.tummy’ is a big name!

Riya Hassani aka ‘theflavor.tummy’, hailing from Surat, the land of diamonds and textiles, is one of the big guns of the blogging industry. She is a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger and an inspiration to many! Let’s hear about her journey in her own words.

Riya Hassani
Riya Hassani

How did you first get into this world of blogging?

The core of this is my passion for food and fashion. I love cooking a lot and also fashion is something that kicks my spirits high. Basically, in the initial days, I didn’t think of blogging as an actual profession but just started it as a sideline thing. It was just to explore and have fun, though I was clear about my interests. So, I started off as a food blogger and during the early phases of my blogging, I tried various recipes and different cuisines. I also hold a record of creating 13 tried and tested recipes in 72 hours. As I started getting appreciation and love from the audience, I thought of further enlarging my blog and started fashion and lifestyle blogging.

What are the strengths that helped you while blogging?

I believe that being real in this industry is very necessary as anyone can do it by copying but no one can be the real you! Also, hard work is necessary for any profession and apart from that, simplicity is something that one should cherish. Fashion is not just about going all flashy and vibrant, it’s the blend like spice and sweet!

Has blogging ever negatively affected you? If so, how did you cope up with it?

Obstacles have always been a part of life but when you have such a great fam who shower their love and affection on you, it’s purely a blessing! So the answer is No!

Riya Hassani
Riya Hassani

1 thing according to you that makes theflavor.tummy stand out in this blogging industry?

 Being what I am! That is what makes theflavor.tummy different from every other blog out there! There might be other bloggers who maybe are better, but no one is like me! Originality is the key to great content and to me, ‘Content is King!’

3 things that you would never change about yourself?

My honest nature, being loyal, and of course my smile with a dimple!

What keeps you going? Your inspiration.

‘No, you can’t stop now! You have come till here, you can do it!’  These words never fail to motivate me.

What is the main goal which you would like to accomplish this year?

 There are many things on the plate this year, let’s see how it turns out!

Someone has said, ‘Success is when you never intend to settle!’ Riya Hassani lives up to it!

Despite hardships, despite failure! Never Settle!

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